Plumed Bird

I have altered my approach slightly to my free form designs. I pencil in the design first, as I usually do. Then I begin to paint in the areas subtended by the lines. If those areas, taken together, suggest a theme, I paint areas to further that idea and ignore the penciled-in lines. I noticed […]

Night Lot

In many of my previous posts I’ve examined minute details of parking lots, particularly the painted areas (see Painted Pavement, Derelict Parking Lot, New Board Game, Flag of an Unknown Country, Parking Lot Photography, Craggy Lines). During daylight hours, any photograph of a parking area (unless it is a structure) is not about the lot […]

Out with the Old

It is rare to see installation of new fire hydrants. They are (literally) fixtures in our environment. They should last forever. There are few moving parts which could be easily replaced if the hydrant should fail. Below is a glimpse of the infrequent process of replacing an aging (obsolete? damaged?) fire plug.

Yellow on Black

This began as a tone study in blue. I used several different blue tones. I gradually mixed in black to get the darker tones. However I used Peach Black (Holbein) and, looking at the study from a distance, the matt finish appeared as a black stain. I tried mixing in more blue but ultimately I […]

Free Form Experiment

Most of my free form designs are unpremeditated. That is I try not to have an idea of the outcome. Sometimes I do have goal from the beginning, sometimes I get an idea based on what I have already drawn. Today’s experiment was based on yesterday’s abstract. I liked the human form in that piece. […]

Fight or Flight

I saw the following out of the corner of my eye. My fight or flight reaction kicked in automatically. Surely this creature shouldn’t be in a restaurant. Then my eyes focused. I was reassured, but still wary.

Abstract 092617

My internet access is limited. Unable to post on time (:$$?&@?-$!! Comcast! Hope you check back later.  Update Below: I began the abstract below with a pencil form that I traced over with a fine point pen. Cross hatching was the next step. After that, I noticed one particular form that I painted with tan/pink […]

Yellow and Red

I began with planes of blues and iron oxide red, with an earth tone swirld thrown in for good measure. I didn’t like the way these rectangles lay on the paper. I over painted them, beginning with the blues, and dripped drops of the iron oxide as they were still wet. I painted over the […]

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