Sketch Book Series: TV Room and Kitchen Pass Through (April 2009)

The clear, bold lines are due to a thick Micron pen used to trace over an underlying pencil sketch. The result is more of a snapshot than an interpretation of space. It is like a journal entry, used to remember a particular point in time.

Sketch Book Series: M and D’s View of Florida Room (April 2009)

Even though the background should be seen as further away, I enjoyed my efforts to assemble the elements of this watercolor sketch to reconstruct the view of the ‘Florida Room’ (as the called it) at my Mom and Dad’s house.

Sketch Book Series: Back Yard (September 2011)

When I lived in San Jose, I would often practice sketching on the back porch. Many of my sketches were of the same subject. I used different techniques to figure out which gave me the result that I wanted.

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