Self Portrait Homunculus

I’ve been reading about art and the brain in The Age of Insight, by Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist Eric Kandel. He relates brain physiology and anatomy, and recent brain mapping studies to the way humans perceive and appreciate art on conscious and unconscious levels. The central sulcus in the human is the crevice that separates the frontal lobe […]

Face Processing

My readings of vision research ended years ago, with the works of Kuffler, Hubel and Wiesel about low and intermediate visual processing in the primary visual cortex. The current book I am reading, The Age of Insight, by Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist Eric Kandel, relates how artists instinctively use the physiology of this stage of vision (edge-detection, orientation […]

I’d Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me

I like word play. Spoonerisms, for example: The announcer at the piano concert said,  “Mr. Playbody will now pee for us,” instead of “Mr. Peabody will now play for us.”  I remember the following from high school: “I’d rather have a free bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.”   I had a […]

Fantasy on a Coronal Section

My friend of longest standing (since kindergarten) gave me Atlas of the Human Brain in Section, because he knew I loved neuroanatomy. For today’s watercolor experiment, I did a ‘blind’ drawing (sketching without looking at the paper) of a cross section of a human brain. I added some details (unrelated to brain anatomy) after finishing […]

Edge of the Brain

I have been using an icon consisting of interlocking ‘C’s in a number of my watercolor studies. My composition below is a visual explanation of that icon. The idea of the interlocking ‘C’s come from a electron micrograph of a cross section of the brain through the hippocampus.  I have expanded in much more detail in […]

Introductory Neuroanatomy – Preface

As we get closer to the publication of our introductory volume of neuroanatomy, my colleague and principle author, Andrew Lautin, MD and I will be sharing our work on this blog. Here is the preface to our Introduction to Neuroanatomy. Preface: Various strategies are available to study neuroanatomy. One strategy encourages the student to privilege […]

Malpighi – Neural Development

Change of pace, today. Many of my posts lately have been devoted to creativity and the visual arts. I am also working on an introductory volume of neuroanatomy with my colleague, Andrew Lautin, MD. Today’s post is about one of the early contributors to neuroanatomy. Marcello Malpighi (1628 – 1694), was a 17th century Italian […]

Neuro Dream

My dreams have been a bit odd lately, even by my standards. The other night I dreamed that I had an MRI scan and that I was deficient in elemental gold and silver in the region of the caudate and putamen, central gray-matter structures deep inside the brain. The treatment (obviously) was to infuse gold […]

Head Butt

Today’s watercolor experiment: I started this study a couple of days ago when I was painting in the ‘brain series’ mode. My other studies in this genre are: Brain Teasers, Compartmentalization, Memory Fades, Untitled, Brain Abstract. I began with a green crescent of paint, meant to represent a cross section of the corpus callosum, that massive […]

Brain Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today is another sketch in my ‘brain series’ (Brain Teasers, Memory Fades, Untitled). In keeping with tradition (that I started yesterday), I did not assign a meaningful name to this sketch.  It qualifies as part of the brain series because it was inspired by a structure in the brain called the hippocampus.  The […]