Husband Waiting for Wife Who Probably Had Her Eyes Dilated

People in waiting rooms for eye doctors generally fall into two categories: dilatees and those waiting to drive them home.  Below is a portrait of the latter.

Man in Sharply-Ironed Clothes

The gentleman across the way was wearing the sharpest shirt and trousers I have ever seen.  And I do mean sharp!  I don’t think that his clothes were starched, or they would have cracked when he moved. I was thinking about working some more on this drawing. I would concentrate the straight lines of the […]

Girl Looking at Propped-Up Laptop

This young lady looked very comfortable looking at her laptop. I’m not sure if she was using it to study or for pleasure. There were a minimum of papers on the table and she was quiet and virtually motionless. Maybe she was meditating.

Woman Reading Magazine Before Eye Dilation

At first I lightly sketched the figure. I don’t know why, but I always seem to start with the arms. I also spend time on the head tilt and its relationship to the shoulders. I finished with enough time to include some of the furniture, and to darken the lines of the woman. I’m pretty […]

Looking at a Girl

This could be entitled older man sketching young man looking at a girl. I boiled it down to “Looking at a Girl”, which generalizes the central idea of the drawing. I just started a book called “Why Poetry” by Matthew Zapruder. I’ve had a difficult time with most poetry and this book promises to be […]

Mother and Two Point Five Kids

Taking care of children is a very tough job. But sketching kids is also tough. The more active child was all over the place. I started to draw him when he was in one position and 30 seconds later he was in another.  This mother was truly in charge of a family of at least […]

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