Woman Waiting to Get a Cast

As a denizen of the waiting room I am privileged to witness my fellow waiters in all manner of conditions. Some are more picturesque than others. The lady below is an example of such a subject. She wasn’t in any distress; just waiting with her husband.

Smiley Man with Delicate Fingers and Skull and Crossbones Hat

The second floor was huge and sunny and nearly empty except for the centrally located check-in desk. There were hardly any people waiting, so I chose a seat near the most interesting looking person. He was a little scary looking at first, but I noticed a slight smile on his face as he manipulated his […]

Cartoon Lady and Company

My sketching was proceeding nicely. I had reached the right balance of blind and non-blind sketching for the first three figures (starting at the left-hand side of the paper). For some reason, my sketch of the final character got out of control. I think it was that person’s sharp features. Drawn blind, they contributed to […]