Abstract 053015

Today’s watercolor and ink experiment: The temptation to resist was too great (pun intended). Of course, I’m referring to liquid latex resist, which I have been using to begin my recent studies. Today I poured out a bit onto my paper and tilted it around to create drippy patterns. Later, when I applied color, it soaked […]

More Ink

Today’s ink and watercolor experiment: I haven’t found a systematic way to explore the interactions of my different colored inks. I have tried placing two different colors on two different arms of a ‘Y’, allowing them to combine on its descending leg. However, I have too many colors and, although I was trained as an engineer, […]

Ink Abstract 052815

Today’s ink experiment: Perhaps I quit today’s experiment too early. I usually work with watercolors, although for the past couple of days I have combined them with waterproof inks.  I have added ink to some of my compositions in the past week or so: Abstract 52515, in which I inked the white traces left by latex masking […]


Note: I decided not to modify the yesterday’s experiment. For now at least, I leave the unmasked traces as they are. I may change my mind if I revisit this study at a later time. Today’s watercolor experiment: I enjoyed my experiment with ink yesterday, even though I used it minimally (the red spot surrounded by […]

Slouching Toward Judgement

Today’s watercolor experiment: I really like liquid latex resist. I create a design with the semi-viscous fluid which, after drying, goes largely unnoticed during the rest of the painting process. I must admit that it is difficult to draw an intricate design by dripping the liquid rubber out of a bottle, but it serves its […]

Abstract 52515

Today’s watercolor experiment: I had nothing in mind to paint today. When that happens, I get my inspiration by just getting started. Sometimes I do this by dipping my brush in a color that suits my fancy and stroking it across the paper. Perhaps the color or the shape of the stroke will inspire my next […]

Splat and Drip

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today, I continued working on my splatter and rivulet technique. I call it ‘splat and drip’. My kidney stone recovery still provides the baseline for my inspiration, as I am not nearly at 100%. Another doctor visit is to come before I know the exact percentage. I began today with my 1″ flat […]

Rivulet Painting

Today’s watercolor experiment: A big thank you to Weisserwatercolours for the inspiration for today’s experiment. He sent me a link to a tutorial demonstration of how to compose ‘rivulet’ paintings. Yesterday, I tried my hand at a splatter painting, adding some spice to it (salt, actually), to see how what kind of patterns would result. […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I enjoy working with wet watercolor paper. The first application of color gives me an idea of what to do next. This is particularly true for abstract painting. A runny color suggests one thing, a color blob may suggest another.  I have known for a while that if clear water is applied to […]

I’m OK

Thank you everyone who has been following my personal drama. I came out of the kidney stone procedure with flying… colors, I guess you could say. Today’s watercolor experiment: I started this morning (the day of the surgery) by imagining all the dream images I would be privy to under anesthesia: The wicked witch of […]

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