Quarantine Portrait Series: Self Portrait with Crooked Mouth

It dawned on me that, since I am doing pencil sketches, I should use sketch paper instead of watercolor paper.  In defense of my watercolor paper choice however, I had been planning to tint my sketches; watercolor paper is good for that. Of the face parts, mouths and noses are the most difficult for me […]

Quarantine Portrait Series: Self Portrait with Baseball Cap

The thing about quarantine is, one runs out of things to do. I’ve run out of subjects, so I am concentrating on self portraiture.  This one needs a bit of improvement.  I hope that you, dear readers, bear with me while I improve my skills.  I’ll try to keep things interesting.

Quarantine Portrait Series: Video Visit with Mike in Hospital, Post ‘Urgent’ Procedure Call

The doc told me yesterday that my brother Mike might not make it unless I approved her request for intubation. Apparently the urgent need for a ventilator evaporated some time overnight.  Mike can’t fend for himself. He is low functioning, autistic and nonverbal. Today, on a conference call with Dave, my younger brother, Mike’s group […]

Quarantine Portrait Series: Mike in Respiratory Distress

My brother Mike is autistic, nonverbal and low functioning. He is in the hospital across the country from me. I think he looks peaceful here, but he was anything but. He continues to struggle with breathing. [Note: I just now talked to his doc in the midst of composing this post.]  The hospital found a […]

Quarantine Portrait Series: Mike, Very Stressed

My brother Mike is in the hospital. Even if he was nearby I wouldn’t be able to visit because of the COVID19 quarantine. I’m sure COVID is the reason that they are offering video visits. The only problem with visiting my brother in video mode is that Mike is nonverbal, autistic and low functioning. I […]