OtherArtbyJack: Doors in Gray (2016)

I forgot exactly where I encountered these doors during my strolls around Manhattan in the early 1990s. This is a pen and ink sketched washed with gray tones. I liked that the doors are set back from the stoop in the shadows. This will be one of the 4×6 prints available on my OtherArt shop […]

Memories of Michael: The Last of Mike (2022)

This is a sketch for a future painting. I drew it shortly after Mike died. I got a call the day he died, from one of his caregivers, who told me, “Michael is transitioning.” I was fortunate enough to get to talk to him during his last hours. Mike was nonverbal and never gave me […]

Comic Book: Retirement – From NY to SJ (p1) (August 2008)

One of the hardest parts of retiring was moving across the country with a lifetime of accumulated…. s*uff. I, to this day, still have an issue letting go of things. At some point letting go will be a must… I’m working up to it gradually… very gradually.

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