Man Happy with Music

I’ve noticed this gentleman quite often in the store. He is a frailish, gaunt person, shy and quiet for the most part. Sometimes, when he writes he grips his pen very tightly and with his head down, seems to wrap himself around the implement as if the most important thing in the world is to […]

Two Portraits That Look Amazingly Like Their Subjects

I am just now surprising myself occasionally by making sketches of people that look like the actual people I was drawing. I find myself using several techniques while sketching: blind drawing – the drawing of a contour while looking at it and not looking at the paper; converting facial features to their geometrical equivalents and […]

Second Day of School

This young girl has a lot of support. Fortunately, they were consumed in the details of her study and did not notice me sketching away. I’m proud of this drawing both for its composition (in which one can see an interaction among the subjects), and its execution. The book on the chair and the backpack […]

Woman Touching Her Shoulder

Sometimes clothing is easier to draw than a face. In this sketch, I got the general idea of a face (it somewhat resembles the model), but the most important visual elements are the clothes and the woman’s gesture. The gesture makes this drawing interesting.

Young Woman with Long Wavy Hair

This drawing is looser than most of my others. The looseness was inspired by this young woman’s hair. I don’t give it enough credit here, as it was one of her most striking features. While the lines are looser, the planar areas are more composed due to my smudging the light pencil traces into oblivion.

Woman with Curved Hair

There are occasions when sketch times are excruciatingly short. The subject below had some very interesting lines. I saw her only in profile; her hair framed her face in curves. My original sketch was very light. I thought I had more time before the woman was called to her appointment. Later, I darkened the outlines […]

People Waiting for Doctor Appointments

Sketching people in the waiting room is a crap shoot. One never knows when the subject will be called into the inner sanctum. Therefore one must draw the essential elements as quickly as possible, for example, the angle of the elbow; tilt of the head; the distribution of weight and so on.Static details such as […]

Young Lady with Difficult Face

In all fairness, the young lady in question was rather far away when I sketched her. So the difficulty of her face was my issue. At such a distance it was tough to pencil in the barely discernible shapes that made up her face. I like the rest of the drawing, which captures the subject’s […]

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