Seated Man and Mistake Rectified by Parallel Lines

I couldn’t draw myself out of the error I made with the tilt of the man’s head, in the drawing below. But I could, with shading. At first I drew the head with the chin jutting out. In fact, it was tucked in. I darkened the line of the correctly-drawn chin, but I had to […]

Physics Lesson

I overheard some of the conversation between the tutor and the tutee. That plus the mathematical symbols on the paper led me to conclude that I was witnessing a physics lesson. I used the blind drawing technique to draw the contours of the heads. Usually, a complete blind drawing results in some dislocation of body […]

Dark Grey Clouds with Bright Spot and Tiny Bird on Left

This photo does not exactly embody to the ‘decisive moment‘ concept as initiated by Henri Cartier Bresson. In fact I didn’t see the birdie until after I snapped the picture. I like the drama in the rest of the photo.

Discussion Group and Man with Displaced Head

One of the problems of blind drawing is getting body parts in proper disposition with each other. The drawing below is an example of a miscalculation.  It seems that upon the return of my pen from its detour beginning with the ear of the man with the hat, and ending with the brim, I displaced […]

Three People In Line from Sketchbook

I’m getting a slow start this year in making progress with my art. I switched from watercolor painting to drawing and sketching more than a year ago. One of the ideas was to create a bank of images that I could elaborate upon in other artwork. Isn’t this the purpose of a sketch book: a […]

Portrait in Hall of Windows

Last summer my brother took me to the Magritte show in San Francisco.  That being the environment, I was sensitive to the surrealistic images that surrounded me. Instead of ignoring errant reflections, I sought them out. Below is a portrait of my brother Dave at that exhibition.