Meditation Series: Smoke Shop, NYC (1988) Sketches 1-8

I like to look over my work after I finish a series of 8 variations on a single theme. Sometimes I can remember a logical thought process that led to the next sketch but other times there is a leap of imagination. I really like it when the latter process works well. Please visit my […]

Mike-Related Watercolor: Abstracted Mike (2016)

The past couple of years have enveloped me in a strange web: loss of a loved one; COVID isolation; loss of place, having relocated twice; and change in self identity as I am about to enter my 7th decade. I show the image below as one of a series of abstract portraits of Mike, who, […]

Sketch Book Series: Tonal Value Practice (September 2008)

Ideally, one should create a tonal-value strip before each sketch. The range of darkest darks to lightest light tones would thereby be established. This should be done for pencil as well as pen and ink drawings. Pen and ink values are achieved by different cross hatching strokes, whereas pencil tonal values are achieved by strokes […]

Shiny-Barked Tree (January 2009)

I got the trunk of this tree (especially on the dark side) just right. I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but the bark reminds me of cherry-tree bark.

Cup of Water (September 2010)

It is complicated drawing the myriad reflections of light through a clear glass of water. To be precise, one has to take the time to figure out the tonal values of overlapping reflections, refractions and shadows. If drawing outside, one can’t take too long, or the sun will move and tonal variations will change.

Sketch Book Series: Sketch vs. Real Life (September 2010)

My notes tell what I was trying to portray in the sketch on the opposite page. I didn’t quite achieve the ‘pop’-i-ness that I saw in real life. I’m not sure that I could have accomplished this with the tools I had at the time. Perhaps if I separated the trees with a white value […]

Sketch Book Series: Leaf Practice (July 2010)

I was trying to find the key to getting the highest contrast between leaf surfaces and the space between them. Complimentary colors are supposed to provide maximal contrast at their interface, so I tried it (see below). I wasn’t too happy with it although, in fairness, I should have done a whole hedge to see […]

Sketch Book Series: Blue Car (July 2010)

I used this particular parking lot quite a bit (both for parking and sketching). I spent what seemed like hours on the leafy hedge, at first trying to render each leaf, later settling for overall texture. The trees, far and near, were also a challenge. My cars come out cartoony, but I like them. I […]

Sketch Book Series: Cone Texture (June 2010)

The negative space between the pine cone seeds (at the base of the top pine cone) helped to give it a realistic rendering. The lower, (incomplete) sketch shows the pine cone’s hexagonal structure.

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