Patchwork Sky

Today I experimented with layers of watercolor washes. I soaked the whole paper with water and streaked red, yellow and blue onto different areas. Subsequent washes added depth and saturation to the underlying layers. Some of the colors leaked into cuts I made with a razor blade. I thought I could get a secondary pattern […]

Under a Microscope

I started this one with a multi-layer wash. I outlined it in Payne’s grey to create a stage. The shape reminds me of a painter’s palette. I was a bit stymied at this point. I did not know what to do next, so I just doodled around. I ended up slashing around with a razor […]


Another emphasis on eyes, beginning with three initial curves. The first lines in this painting are in red. The triangular black area, speckled with white seems to be gazing in at the original eye, bounded by the curved black areas at the right hand side of the picture.