Ghost UTI Gone

This photo brings up many questions in my mind. Firstly, what is ‘Ghost UTI’? UTI, some kind of university? Could Ghost UTI be school spirit? If so, was it held hostage behind the barbed wire? Did it stop on its way out to tag the fence with its boast? Or was it a compatriot, bragging […]

Comic Book: Retirement – From NY to SJ (p1) (August 2008)

One of the hardest parts of retiring was moving across the country with a lifetime of accumulated…. s*uff. I, to this day, still have an issue letting go of things. At some point letting go will be a must… I’m working up to it gradually… very gradually.

Drive-by Mural

I have driven by this interesting art many times, unable to snap a photo. Traffic moves quite briskly and I only recently was stopped at the almost perfect position to take an image. I only had a few seconds. Unfortunately I was photobombed.

Comic: I.M.O.W.E pg 5 (and final) If I just keep trying. (circa 2011)

My father was most patient with Mike. Mom took Mike’s withdrawal from everything personal. I rode the middle ground: patient to a point, then withdrawing, thinking that something in me failed to reach Mike. I had an element of If-I-Keep-On-Trying-ness about me. I still wish I could have reached my big brother.