I have been taking photographs of the painted portions of parking lots for quite a while now (see Parking Lot Impasto; New Paint Job, Derelict Parking Lot, Parking Lot Square, Aging Parking Lot Segment) . Part of my fascination arises from the interesting textures, and patterns of the paint and its substrate, but also from the […]

Red Curb

I saw this part of a red curb in the fire lane next in my new coffee break stomping ground. I got another job and there are acres of parking lots to explore. The red and white-painted curb could be the bottom layer of a brick wall, if it weren’t for the painted line on […]


There is a lot of history in the snapshot below: History of painting. Although the substrate is worn and craggy, furrowed with creases and spots, the lines, and ghosts of lines reveal the march of time from the initial rise of this parking lot from the tar pits of old.  


Below is the first stage of an abstract design I had in mind. I wanted to try a line sketch that was spread out instead of being spring loaded with curves, coils or other involutions. I did the line drawing with latex resist (frisket). I’m still thinking about what to do next on this one…

Self Protection

My readings by, and about Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master, have caused me to seek to draw the simplest possible line that would express what is inside me. Klee said that ‘art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible’. I take this to mean, art is a process through which one’s inner reality is brought […]

Three-Dimensional Line

I’ve been photographing blue and white lines in local parking lots (in the US) under different conditions. Some of them are in pristine condition (Brand New Paint Job), some are in a state of demise (Derelict Parking Lot), I’ve zoomed in on some to show the effect of weather on the outdoor paint (Parking Lot […]

Night Shadow

As part of the exploration of my new (part-time) environment, I wander around during my break. There is terrific lighting at night all around the parking lot. It is hard to take a shot without getting one’s own shadow in the frame. I took the photograph below after I decided which post would hold the […]


In the study below, I used a collection of icons that represent my brother Mike* and me. I’ve also been looking at some of the line drawings of Paul Klee, and marveling at, not only their simplicity, but their flawless placement on the paper. I think this piece stands on its own but I don’t […]

Angles and Curves

I started this study with the intent to explore the texture of this paper. It has a rough finish. I rubbed a solid stick of ultramarine blue onto the paper making an ‘L’ shape. I painted small blue and orange dots within the textured pattern formed by the strokes of dry blue paint. I used […]

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