Double Nostalgia?

Below is a self portrait I took at the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal, sometime at the beginning of this century. I was probably on my way to see my parents. The photo evokes nostalgia of that time but other memories crowd their way into my consciousness.  During the early 1970s I used to wait […]

Doors Live on

Below is a photo of one of the magnificent doorways to B. Altman on 34th Street in Manhattan, NY.  My mother used to go there when she went into ‘the city’. B. Altman is defunct but, at the time the photograph was taken (circa 1990), the doors opened into one of the new (at the time) […]

Flying Shirt

Problem: I run a dry cleaning business and my laundry plant is on the second floor. The elevator only works when it wants to and the stairs are steep and narrow. How do I accommodate my delivery boy (my sister’s son) who has a lung condition? See the photo below for an interesting solution found […]

Half Open Doorway

I couldn’t resist taking this photo during one of my walks. Early morning and late afternoon sometimes gave me the best pictures. I love long shadows. My sketch below is a combination of pen and ink and watercolor.

Another Upper West Side Door

I snapped the picture below during the same walk on New York’s Upper West Side that I took the photo of yesterday’s doors (see Sunrise Doors). Below are two sketches of this door. The one on the left side is a pen and ink drawing in which I attempted to replicate the gray values of the photograph. […]

Door with Old Woman

Sometimes I like to add the human element to my photography. I saw a woman about to pass in front of the door. The black coat against the blackness of the door makes a good composition.

Sunrise Doors

This door caught my attention during one of my treks to the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the early 1990s. The pattern seems to be Art Deco. Although I don’t remember much else about the doors, they seem to be gating an empty space, from the reflections on the threshold below.  The doors also, at […]

Central Park Reservoir

I’m not sure why my photograph of the South Gate House at the Central Park Reservoir is so off balance. I would bet that I could not get back far enough, with the lens I was using, to get a better picture.  The beauty of sketching is, one can invent what one can’t see. I […]

Chance Encounter

Part of what I love about photography is the ability to capture interesting images of strange juxtapositions. Seeing a mannequin in a store window or in other situations holds much promise for a thought provoking photograph. There are many people who misuse the apostrophe. If that is the case above, there are additional meanings to […]

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