Quarantine Sketch: Draped Bust in Context

I cropped yesterday’s photo (Draped Bust) purposely to create ambiguity: Was the sculpture of drapes, or was there an underlying sculpture covered by a drape?  The sketch below is a sketch of the uncropped photograph.  

Quarantine Portrait Series: Self Portrait, Tilted Head

I’m having fun renewing my acquaintance with sketching. Just a few pencil strokes can shade more effectively than spending lots of time carefully perfecting dark-to-light gradients.  Now, my challenge is to tighten up on the spatial relationships among facial features. If you look back on other quarantine self portraits in this series, you can see […]

Vintage Photo: Stardust ‘Duncan’ Street Performer June 1988

This photo brings back fond memories of street fairs in New York City.  The gentleman pictured below frequented many of these gatherings. He played the old big band tune, Stardust, on the trumpet and accompanied himself on the piano.