My Connection with Autism

I began my blog in 2013 to share some of my experiences as a younger sibling of an autistic individual. Mike, my older brother, as many of you already know, is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. It took me about a year to share my feelings, ideas, inspirations and desperations growing up: 1) in a […]

Rescued Cacti

For the longest time, the bowl of cacti sat by the side of the house. Most of the other plants in my cactus/succulent garden had died. I thought the cacti were dead too. They were half submerged in the dirt, gray looking, no green anywhere. I put the round pot back in the sunlight on […]

Study – Icon Maze

I have been thinking for quite a while about how to assemble a set of visual ideas, thought out in previous posts, about my brother Michael. Much of my blog has been devoted to Mike, my older brother, who is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal (see almost any of my posts from January to November […]


I prepare the paper for my watercolors lately, by crumbling it into a ball and unfurling it. This time, instead of pre-wetting it, I crumbled first and wet it afterwards. This resulted in several tears at the edges of the paper. Having been distressed lately at the tears in the fabric of the United States, the […]

Imaginary Brother – New Ideas

I began my blog 4 years ago with the idea of sharing my experiences as the sibling of an older autistic, low functioning, nonverbal individual (my brother Mike).  Most of 2013 was a recap of my struggle to get to know Mike. I relied on old family photographs; my journal entries; thoughts about the dynamics […]


Today’s watercolor experiment actually began a couple of days ago. I prepared my 12″x9″ paper with the usual transparent red iron oxide, using a rough fiber brush. The de Kooning influence prompted a mustard yellow glaze to cover the rust. Then I went a little crazy with orange and blue random traces. I let the […]