Grief: Where To Begin?

Many of you, like me, may be classic movie fans. I tend to gravitate toward Film Noir. I’m a noiry kind of guy. Also, crime films. One can learn a lot from movies. Just the other day, I was watching White Heat, starring Jimmy Cagney. He played a sociopathic, homicidal momma’s boy named Cody. Cody […]

Things Go Better With Bro

I was really tired yesterday after working with my brother Dave in Mom’s apartment. We drove back to Dave’s house and I couldn’t find my computer. I realized that I must have left it at Mom’s. I had to do my entire blog post on her iPad. This morning when I woke up, I saw that […]

The Dog Ate My Blog

Ok, not as bad as that, but I left my computer at my Mom’s apartment. Mom died last week and my brother Dave and I were there today trying to get it together enough to move out by the  end of the month. We had planned for the computer to be the repository for an organized (photographic) […]


I began the process of unmooring my mother’s possessions from their resting places in her apartment. I wasn’t there for her initial downsizing from the house where she lived with my father. He died in 2007 and she shopped around for a place where she could be happy. She found one, but it was too […]


Mom just died. I was there to celebrate her 90th birthday just a week before her death. My brother Dave and I were both at her side when she passed away. We had her burial yesterday. I tried to concentrate on every detail. But even today, a day later, I’m starting to forget. Usually I take […]

The Service

We had Mom’s funeral service at the graveside. I have been to this cemetery many times before. My mother’s mother and father are there as are her uncles and aunts; my aunt and uncle are there. And now my own mother and father are there. It’s the ultimate family reunion site. Yesterday I was concerned […]

White Stuff

I’m from California, as many of you know: the southern end of the Bay Area, where Silicon Valley is.  I came east yesterday for the unfortunate purpose of seeing my mother who was gravely ill. She actually passed away shortly after Dave, my younger brother and I arrived at the hospital. However, one week before […]

Busy Day

Today was busy. I followed my brother Dave around to multiple appointments to make arrangements for Mom’s funeral.He did all the work. I’m very proud of my brother. Mom just turned 90 years of age less than two weeks ago. She was bright and alert at her party, but the day I left to return […]

Last Moment

Mom died this morning (February 20, 2015).  I was so fortunate to be able to be by her side at that moment.  My flight arrived yesterday night at 10:30PM, Dave picked me up, and we drove like bats out of hell directly to the hospital. We got to there about 11:15 and I got to talk […]

Back at the Airport

The jitters are gone (from my consciousness at least). I have no idea why. I’m at the airport as I write this. I was at the airport almost two weeks ago, traveling back east to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday. The day I left to return home, Mom had to go to the hospital. She isn’t […]