Corner Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: The photograph for today’s watercolor experiment looks downright dusty. It is probably the underexposure and low contrast of the print. I am sure that the day I took that photograph, more than 20 years ago, the scene itself was well lit. I wanted to make the watercolor different from the photo. I […]

Shady Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: Normally one doesn’t expect to see graffiti in a nice, tree-lined area. My watercolor below is a scene I happened upon during one of my walks around Manhattan in early November of 1991. It was a beautiful day. I thought the graffiti particularly tasteful. Maybe I was just in a good mood. […]

Backlit Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: As I recall, Bar X was on 23rd Street in Manhattan, just blocks from where I worked. Its storefront was covered with writing, announcing the Christmas Season deals, Happy Hours and specials. I painted the watercolor below from my reference photo, which I took with the aid of a tripod. The greenish tint […]

Imported Graffiti

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. I’m not sure where all of it ended up, but I do know that I saw sections of it on one of my walks in Manhattan in June of 1991. From what I understand, artists began expressing themselves by writing on the 14-foot-high wall in the 1980s. All of […]

Bargain Spot Graffiti

This photograph is from my archives. I took it in March of 1989 in Lower Manhattan.  I don’t remember exactly where, but it is probably on the Lower East Side. To the best of my recollection, I took this picture on The Bowery. I like the ‘No Parking’ sign tilted at the same angle as […]

S a Bagel?

There were many places to get good bagels in New York City. Where my wife and I lived, it wasn’t a long walk to Ess-a-Bagel. In Yiddish, ‘essen’ means ‘eat’. Therefore ‘Ess a bagel’ means ‘Eat a bagel’. What could be simpler? The bagels were enormous there. So enormous in fact, that a diet expert […]

The Nose Knows

New York is a city of signs and symbols… and restaurants. To attract customers, the enterprising restauranteur needs to distinguish his or her restaurant by a symbol to attract the walk in trade and of course, by the food. What is the essence of good eating? Taste? Aroma?  The person responsible for the display at Trattoria […]