Poor Parkers

As we saw the other day, the thoughtful planning by clever parking lot engineers gave rise the the double line parking space spacers. Some people seem to have problems parking. They should use the huge handicapped parking space, equivalent to large print books for have problems seeing, and leave the normal spaces to good parkers. […]


They are changing the numbers of all the buildings in a complex we frequent. It is confusing. Perhaps the multi-colored chalk scribbles on the sidewalk are a clue to the new-building numberers about which numbers go to which buildings.

Parking Lot Spacer at Night

This inverted ‘U’ shape is a portion of a divider between parking spaces at my second most frequented parking lot. I like this kind of spacer better than the single lines that delineate spaces for cars.  Being outside the limits of this double-lined spacer is assurance that one is parked correctly. One cannot be sure […]

Moth-eaten Brain

As I understand things, when one gets older, one’s brain shrinks. I guess more space appears between the skull and the brain, since old people’s heads don’t get smaller. I’m not feeling too young these days. This is my impression of an older, moth-eaten brain.

Sky on the Line

I don’t have an unobstructed view of the sky from our back window. Black telephone and/or power lines interrupt the scene.  I pretend that the sky in the picture below is hanging out to dry on the three clotheslines thoughtfully provided.

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