Harlequin Pattern

This is the third in my series of abstract sketches using checked patterns within triangular shapes.  In this version, the vertices of each triangle are more acute than the previous sketches (Seeking Inspiration and Abstract with Grids and Circles).  The visual planes set up by the triangles are subdivided into grids of diamond shapes instead of the nearly square grids of my first two efforts.

As in my other studies, I include arcs and portions of circles. I know that the triangular planes and circles are part of my visual alphabet. I will continue to develop designs to ‘make visible’ (in the parlance of Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master) what is in my basic makeup. At this point I really don’t want to hash out an artist’s statement to state my purpose in words. My work method (at least for the next couple of studies) will be to explore planes, grids, circles and lines and hopefully arrive at an expression of my inner driving force.

Will keep you posted.

Watercolor: Abstract with Harlequin Pattern

Abstract with Harlequin Pattern
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Block

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