Sprinkler Variation

Yesterday’s painting was inspired by David Hockney’s painting, A Lawn Being Sprinkled. Today’s painting, is more a variation on Hockney’s painting than it is on my own study. The cones emanating from the sprinkler heads (the vertices of the intersecting lines) could be a side view of scene, as in Hockney’s sprinkler painting, or it […]


One of David Hockney’s paintings, from many years ago came to mind today, as I was watering the lawn. I don’t water it very often since it gets hot really early and stays hot really late. Hockney’s painting had cones of white representing sprinkler heads on a background of lush green. The idea for my […]

Anemone and Hands

I began this composition thinking of the concept of order and disorder. My idea was to draw a series of parallel narrow peaks and valleys, leaving one out of kilter. The second idea was to superimpose my younger brother Dave’s piano hand and my older brother Mike’s pointing hand onto this background. However, instead of […]

Manhole Eclipse, Eclipsed

Update to Partial Eclipse, Manhole Edition: I blasted off a couple of shots of these utility covers, while on a walk with family. In this photograph, I wasn’t quick enough. The two images as a sequence shows that one shot is not always enough. Take many pictures, film (I mean digital storage) is cheap.

Expressive Hands – Quiescent

Mike’s* hands at rest, were very delicate. I’m sure they still are. I haven’t seen him in a long time, since I moved to California, quite a distance from where he lives. Below is a photo I shot during a visit to his old group home. While his hands are a strong visual element here, […]

Untitled 082617

This piece was not conjured with the photo of Mike at his Group Home in mind. However I did have a couple thoughts about Mike’s* hand gestures as I penciled in my free-form design. Today’s other blog post (Expressive Hands – Quiescent) details some of the influence that my brother Mike has on my art. […]

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