Looking at Old Pictures

To peruse old photographs in the 21st century is to pry up the laptop lid, open the files on the disk (that one of the techie relatives made from the original paper photographs), and scrub through them on the screen. Below is a watercolored pencil sketch of just such an occasion.

Will’s Eiffel Tower

Among the Christmas toys we gave William, our grandson, was a Lego model of the Eiffel Tower. He built it with his dad, with much prompting, instruction and re-direction of focus.  We also gave him a painting set. He wanted to paint with me and started right away when I suggested the Eiffel Tower as […]

Work in Progress – Hospital Visit

I started work on another level of remove from the hospital visit last week (see At the Hospital, One Step Removed).  I have a couple of ideas in mind. Perhaps I should narrow it down to one idea. Don’t know if this is going anywhere.