Cactus in February

Today, I take a break from February’s small watercolored sketches. The past couple have been sub par. Here is a photo of the last remaining plant in a cactus garden that I started shortly after moving west.  It seems to be flourishing, just as I hope to be in the coming year.

Bum Leg

When I was an active photographer, it was very difficult taking candid shots of people at close range. I did not wish my subjects to be aware of my presence. It is much easier being invisible with a sketch pad than a camera, although I am careful not to stare. Sketching is more stealthy to […]


This configuration of parking lot curbs, pavement and no-skid mat caught my attention. I liked the colors and, when I flattened the image in my mind’s eye, I thought of a balance point underneath a curved, tricolor beam. I could not resist applying a couple of filters to this image: