Vintage Photo: Clothes on the Line, NYC May 1989

My photographic wanderings have been informed by my interest in classic photography. I’ve always been on the lookout for a cityscape composition that included clothes on a line. It would have been a bonus to fine a person at the window pulling them in, or setting them out.

Mike Sketch Series: Mike Clicking the Shutter, August 1994

When I was working on my long term project to document my visits with my brother Mike, I took my cameras and sometimes, a tripod.  The photo on which this sketch is based, shows me (my hand) helping Mike to click the shutter with the cable release.  I think Mike liked doing this.

Catching the Morning Light

During the disruption of the pandemic, I’ve been posting moments from the past. My ‘Vintage Photo Series’ is a reprise of photos from the past of which I’m proud. Lately, in my ‘Mike Sketch Series’, I have practiced my sketching by revisiting old photographs of my brother Mike.  With each sketch, I remember my times […]