First Portrait of Mike in My Brother Michael, a book by Jack Davis

Mike would get frustrated. He would always take it out on himself.  He has never spoken, so we had to guess what the problem was.

Vintage Photo: Demolition of 1st Ave Entrance to Manhattan VA, May 1989 (Where Bogey was Dumped in ‘The Harder They Fall’, 1956)

I was prompted to upload this photo by Mark Phillips, whose wrote a wonderful, and highly researched piece ( about the NYC locations of the movie, ‘The Harder They Fall’, with Humphrey Bogart.  This ground’s-eye view supplements the bird’s-eye view of this entrance posted a few weeks ago. Early in my tenure working at the Manhattan […]

Vintage Photo: Mr. Davis is Leaving the Building, NYC December 1991

I will lose internet in a coupe of days because of the move. I hope to get it back as soon as I can. Will post as much as I can until then.

Beginning of Series: My Brother Michael, a book by Jack Davis

My wife, Joy and I are pulling up stakes and moving to LA.  I’m not sure when I will be able to get re-connected to the internet, so I have scheduled  setting the beginning of this series, My Brother Michael, a book that I put together over a 15 year period. It remains unpublished. For […]