Man with Headphones and Hand in Front of His Face

I started this blind drawing with my pen point on the left earpiece of the headphones. I’m afraid that, in my temporary blindness, there was a lot of pen-point activity in front of the man’s face. Luckily, in real life, the man had his hand in front of his face.  I fixed that, with my […]

Rectilinear Beginnings

Looking from left to right, one sees parallel lines and right-angle corners. As we get into the white field, the black horizontal line turns into a blue/white interface and starts to sag. In the blue field, there is a white dot and a larger black one. One could say that the right hand side of […]

The Space Between Analog and Digital

I wrote the paper below as part of an assignment for a class I took in the late 1990s. It relates to a recent visual post (Analog and Digital Realms) as well as to the original mission of this blog (which was to autism from my perspective as a sibling of an autistic brother). In […]

Analog and Digital Realms

To the right of the midline, lines are straight; the left side contains lines that are not rectilinear. I imagine that the right side is the realm where there is no in-between, while anything can happen on the left. The stray lines and detritus in the cracks are nothing more than noise.

Man Thinking Out of the Box, Inside His Own Head

The hand, the arc of the top of the man’s head and the ear are all in proportion. The face is in proportion with itself (a bit long in the chin perhaps). The error in creating a proportionate drawing is obvious; the results are unexpected, but pleasing.

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