Presupposition & Prejudice

I mentioned yesterday that my older brother Michael contributed to my observant, wait-and-see approach to my surroundings and interactions. I said that my approach allowed me to be “less prone to jump to a conclusion and more open learning to something unexpected.” I must clarify my statement that I am less prone to jump to […]


I don’t know if my brother, Michael is understandable. Mike was diagnosed as being profound retarded and autistic; he is also nonverbal. I have tried to understand him, and will continue to do so. That I have not succeeded is troubling in a way, but my reaction to my brother’s condition has enabled my inquisitive […]

Eeeewww, Don’t Touch Me

Now that I have my journals at my disposal, I can fill in some details about Mike and his social environment. As much as I am itching to share specific holiday experiences, particularly, Halloween, I am going to wait until the appropriate time of year for that. I met many of Michael’s housemates and schoolmates […]

Mike in the Hospital

May, 1994 Michael is in the hospital. He collapsed when he got home from the day program. I saw him earlier that day and he looked really terrible. He was pale. His lips looked like they were made of wax.  The said he didn’t look too bad in the morning. They would have kept him […]

Backstory – Visit to Mike’s School

When I found my journals and other writings, I promised that I would try to see how my memories of today track with what I wrote at the time (more than 20 years ago). I wrote the following after my first visit to Mike at his day school. My recollections prior to finding this story […]

Another Film Strip

I used  rolls of 35mm film when I took photographs.  Instead of printing each negative, which could be expensive, the developed film was cut into strips and laid out in contact with photographic paper in the dark room. A sheet of glass was placed on top to flatten them out, and they were all exposed at one […]

Film Strips

Thank You Before I begin today’s blog, I would like to thank everyone who gave me encouragement about yesterday’s blog, which touched on the angry feelings I had growing up. I understand that these feelings are legitimate, but I did not know if I stepped over the line to disrespect. So, thank you for the […]

December 26, 1988

I saw the movie ‘Rain Man’ in the theater on this day. I know because I wrote it down. The following are the thoughts from my journal entry of that date. … 12/26/88 5:18 PM Don’t know why, but I was angry when I left the theater. Black thoughts. I noticed some traits of Raymond, […]

Napping Is Good

Everyone needs a nap now and then. This is a rare moment when my brother Michael decided to conk out. Usually I was the one who felt like going to sleep when I visited him at his group home. I could become animated though when I was able to interact with one of Mike’s housemates. […]