Early Music Exposure

I’ve mentioned before that both my parents loved music. Dad let my older brother Mike* play on the piano and I’m sure they played classical music records all the time when he was around. For a time Mike responded. I’m told he could hum entire movements from symphonies. By the time I came on the scene, Mike […]


I took a photo many years ago, when I first started taking pictures of Mike, my older brother.*  I have never been able to make contact with Mike and pursued a long-term photography project in an attempt to understand him better. He was relaxing in his classroom when I came in. The bulletin board was a […]

Fifty Lashes

I love opening a new block of watercolor paper. When I opened one today I had a nice surprise. Usually, there is printing all over the black paper that protects the first sheet of paper in the block. Today’s sheet was completely black – no writing at all. It was perfect for my composition. A word […]

Deja Vu?

I thought my self portrait with Mike* icon from yesterday (Self Portrait with Icon #2) was a novel idea. However, quite a while ago I represented Mike in exactly the same way in a different medium: photography. The context was different. I was experimenting with assuming Mike’s likeness after reading about Jo Spence‘s and Rosy Martin‘s approach to […]

It’s Alive (?)

I follow up today on the arrangement of my iconography from yesterday (‘Mike icons’). See yesterday’s post (Study – Icon Maze) for details of about my development of a visual short hand to show aspects of my relationship with my older brother Mike. (For those of you just joining me, my brother Mike is autistic, low functioning and […]

Study – Icon Maze

I have been thinking for quite a while about how to assemble a set of visual ideas, thought out in previous posts, about my brother Michael. Much of my blog has been devoted to Mike, my older brother, who is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal (see almost any of my posts from January to November […]

Imaginary Hug, with Feeling

Yesterday’s post was an edited photograph of Dave (my younger brother) and me standing outside Mike’s building at Willowbrook. (For those of you just joining me, Mike is my older brother who is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal.) I’m hugging Dave. I replaced my head with Mike’s, from another family photograph, and Dave’s with mine. […]

Shading and Evading

Over a period of about 10 years or so, I must have taken 300 rolls of film of my brother Mike. I combined these photos with old family snapshots, my journal entries and information garnered from my parents, to create a photographic memoir. It is a safe bet to say Mike didn’t know that I […]

A Good Walk with Mike

I’ve been looking though the photographs I took of Mike when he was at his group home. I used to visit fairly often with my parents in the 1990s. We would often take walks through the nearby park. I always had my camera with me. Mike is my older brother. For many years I took […]

Abstract Expressions

My brother cried when I took him on a walk, years ago. We took an unfamiliar route in the neighborhood of his group home. Mike is autistic, low functioning an nonverbal, and must have hated not knowing where we were going. I always had my camera with me back then. I was using my photography to […]