Taking Pills

Usually, taking pills is no big deal. However, it does take on special significance under certain conditions. For example, doctors have determined that treatment of certain diseases require a cocktail of pills to be given with precise timing. Less drastic, but other very important schedules of pill administrations include antibiotics. When a doctor decides that […]

Black on Black

I am a street photographer in the sense that I frequently photograph pavements. Many of my parking lot photographs have been in service of exploring the state of handicapped spaces. Some of these spaces retire from handicapped status to join the ranks of regular parking spots. These are painted over (although usually not completely). I […]


One of David Hockney’s paintings, from many years ago came to mind today, as I was watering the lawn. I don’t water it very often since it gets hot really early and stays hot really late. Hockney’s painting had cones of white representing sprinkler heads on a background of lush green. The idea for my […]

Coda Equina

I had this great fear of opening up my violin case. I haven’t played in years; it’s been stored in my closet all that time. I thought it would be splintered to bits, and with it, hope of returning to my musical roots. It wasn’t bad at all. It needs to be restrung and the […]

Craggy Lines

What would happen if an abstract expressionist had a job painting parking lot space indicators? S/he would have to stay inside the pattern (no thinking outside the box in that job). Perhaps applying thick paint, scraping off and re-applying would be one technique that could resist a supervisor’s frown, while being true to an expressionistic […]

Abstract 060317: Ink and Watercolor

I had no preconceptions before I started drawing lines for this composition. The first line was the curve that is now adjacent to the yellow-orange color. The next was a wide check-mark-like line that defined the space above the first curve. I like my broad-tipped dip pen. It is a bit old, so sometimes when I […]