Untitled Time Piece

Today’s experiment: I am in the midst of a series of experiments that explore visual portrayal of time. Summarizing my progress thus far: I developed a graphic that represents the passage of time based on how one’s eyes scan a photographic contact sheet; I assigned the yellow portion of the spectrum and sepia to represent […]

Time Tiger

Today’s experiment: I am still working with my color scheme and graphic I developed several posts ago (Re-Inspection of Time) about the past and how to depict it. The graphic is a zig zag or continuous ‘S’ curve, derived from the way my eyes scan an old fashioned photographic contact sheet. Of course this is […]

Ink, Water and Oil Time

Today’s experiment: I had a bit of success in blending the 12 yellow pigments from my paint box, I mentioned yesterday. I began by drawing the curve of the metaphoric time line I developed in my Time’s Arrows post. At the narrow end of the curve, I began with lemon yellow (a yellow with a […]

Untitled Experiment

Today’s experiment: I began today with yellow. I deemed yellow as a color that represents the past, a topic that fascinates me. My color metaphor for the past is yellow and sepia.  I have 12 different yellows in my paint box so I tried to arrange them in order from the greenish lemon yellow to […]

Inky Past/Present Linkage

Today’s experiment: I worked with ink today. I am pursuing the same theme I began a few days ago: the portrayal of the past in visual terms. Although relativistic physics tells us that time and space are intimately connected (i.e., spacetime), it is impossible to capture the flow of time on a canvas without the […]

Approaches to Abstraction

What do I want to express? I have been exploring the idea of portraying the concept of time visually. This came from my project of digitizing 25 years of my 35mm film archive, particularly the hundreds of rolls of film from my Brother Michael project. Mike is my older brother who is autistic, low functioning […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I used yesterday’s experiment as a jumping off point to begin today’s composition. I have always been intrigued by the idea of a timeline. Until I realized that time is one of the variables present in a contact sheet, I hadn’t quite pictured a timeline as a back-facing ‘S’. Today’s study began as an abstraction of […]

Time’s Arrows

Time’s Arrow Based on yesterday’s thoughts, I composed an abstract study of the passage of time. Arthur Eddington introduced the concept of time as an arrow, proceeding in one direction, in 1927. Objectively, time ticks away at a constant rate (ignoring the theory of relativity, for our purposes): one minute is just like any other. […]

Re-Inspection of Time

Contact Sheets Most of my experience with photography hails from the days of film. Back then, the only way to inspect the time sequence of photos at a glance, was to look at a contact sheet. A contact sheet is a single sheet of paper that contains all the images from a roll of film. This is quite […]

Memory of Teaching Dave to Ride

I wonder how many of you remember when the television images were delivered over the air. Some TV sets had antennae called ‘rabbit ears’, two telescoping rods emerging from a moveable base which, when moved around the top of the set and twisted to the right position, would catch the best signal and transform it to […]

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