Feet and Books

I was sitting here wondering what to draw. My feet were sticking out and I had a couple of books (Charlie Martz… by Elmore Leonard and Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling by Ross King) and my sketch book on the bed.  I figured, what the hell, and drew them. It gave me some practice drawing […]

Quick Figure Sketches

I’m continue with my time-limited sketches in this post. I did a couple of the sketches below within my 15 minute break. (actually, his whole body should be smaller but…. oh well…) At another venue, I did the following sketches.   The final sketch is the best.

Open Doorway and Water Cooler

Our break room cubby opens into the shop. Glass is stored upright in sturdy packages. Each one is very heavy and must be slid into open bays. Framers carefully remove glass sheets from their boxes one-by-one as needed. Sometimes it is very hot where the artwork is framed. Cold water is available where the staff […]

Bum Leg

When I was an active photographer, it was very difficult taking candid shots of people at close range. I did not wish my subjects to be aware of my presence. It is much easier being invisible with a sketch pad than a camera, although I am careful not to stare. Sketching is more stealthy to […]

Two Thirty-Five

I bring a book and my sketch pad whenever I go to a place where I may be waiting. I have been limiting my sketch time to 15 minutes, which is long enough to fill an 8×5 inch sheet of paper with scribbling that indicates a sense of my visual environment.  If I find myself waiting […]