Kilroy the Observer

Note: I mistakenly entitled this post, “Gilroy the Observer”, originally. Thanks to Liz Barrett for setting me straight. The real name for this character was Kilroy. I can only attribute my error to the fact that I live next to the Garlic Capital of the World, Gilroy, California. A natural mistake when one gets to […]

Stems – Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with ink today. I painted yellow ink with a brush to create the form at the top of the paper. Then I added red calligraphy ink, hoping to make an orange color. I did the same with the shapes above and below the first long shape. After applying the ink, I […]

Underwater Leaves

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with pencil swooshes today. They seem to be working well for me lately. After looking at the lines, I had the notion that this composition would be about falling leaves. I began painting the lines with frisket to mask those spaces from the watercolors with which I would be flooding the paper. […]

Crowd Sourced Art Continues

Thank you all for your ideas about how to proceed. Otto and Pam liked rotation ‘A’, Kerfe and/or Nina (memadtwo) liked rotation ‘D’ and perhaps a more intense purple. Estela and others liked the colors as they were. Today’s experiment: Instead of proceeding with the original watercolor in real life, I loaded my Crowd Source composition […]

One’s a Crowd… So Far

In a previous post, I displayed the beginning stage of one of my abstracts, hoping that I would get some ideas from you, dear readers.  I am very gratified by all the ‘likes’. Thank you all! I would like to get some suggestions, though. It is difficult to describe in words, imagined visual flourishes to a skeleton […]

Abstract 062415

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I wanted to concentrate on building a composition that would have some depth. Yesterday’s study was fun to do, and exercised my imagination, but it was flat. Process: I began by sketching several pencil marks. I used my non-dominant hand, the left, to try breaking the monotony of the curves produced […]

The Harpists

Today’s watercolor experiment: I dripped a bit too much frisket on my paper to begin with. I have been starting my abstracts with this rubbery, mask material for a while now. The more the merrier, I suppose. Check that… It was merrier. There were more strands of liquid rubber to play with as I tilted […]

Back to Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: Among the art supplies I bought the other day were several shades of orange. I haven’t used orange pigments lately, so after my application the frisket masking fluid, to preserve the white space on my paper, I began my painting with Azo Orange (PO62) from M. Graham. I followed the contours of […]


State of mind: Fear and sadness have been stalking me. I’m trying to figure out where it is coming from. Buyer’s remorse? I have had that before. I just stocked up on some art supplies that I may or may not have needed. Last night, I really beat myself up. Lots of bad dreams Mom […]

Crispier Leaf

The finger that clicks my camera shutter always gets itchy when I see light falling a certain way on an object. A week or so ago, the Crispy Leaves caught its attention; the other day the Crispier Leaf caused me to snap. It looked so simple sitting there. It could have been a sea shell that I stopped to inspect. This […]

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