Broken Heart

I painted this (and named it) before the election. At this point, I don’t know the final outcome, but the fact that the race is so close just breaks my heart, not to mention the unimaginable prospects for the future.


State of mind: Fear and sadness have been stalking me. I’m trying to figure out where it is coming from. Buyer’s remorse? I have had that before. I just stocked up on some art supplies that I may or may not have needed. Last night, I really beat myself up. Lots of bad dreams Mom […]


It is so very sad that Robin Williams found no way to alleviate his suffering.  I’ve read many of the tweets from people who treasured his genius and whose lives had been touched by his wonderful gift.  There are a smattering of tweets who call attention to the serious problem of depression and suicide, but […]


It has always been interesting to read about the lives of others. The biography genre offers so many possibilities. One can read about successes and failures and, in many cases can identify with famous thinkers and writers. Identifying with other people can be comforting in many cases. Somehow, being odd or out of place isn’t […]

Back East

I grew up on the east coast. This morning, on the beautiful west coast, with its ever-sunny days, I began to think of the days back east. Mainly I thought of the time between colorful autumn and winter, when all the leaves are gone. That’s me, not a glass-half-empty kind of guy, but rather a what-glass? […]

Inspiration Happens

More about creativity and artistic process It was awkward drawing the underlying icons for the painting from the ‘My Niche‘ post. The paper had a rough finish, I was using a pen that had permanent ink and I was anxious about making a mistake. Consequently, the ‘cloud’ formation I drew only had four lobes. When […]

A New Kind of Year

Happy New Year again, everybody! Does anyone else feel weird about the new year? I feel differently than I have felt in the past. Perhaps it is because the bloom of middle age is past; maybe it is because of the ridiculous political situation in the US; I don’t know, but for me, this year […]

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