It has always been interesting to read about the lives of others. The biography genre offers so many possibilities. One can read about successes and failures and, in many cases can identify with famous thinkers and writers.

Identifying with other people can be comforting in many cases. Somehow, being odd or out of place isn’t that difficult if one reads about other people who are the same way.

However, there is another edge to that blade: lifespans of those whose biographies I read.  I think I am particularly prone to that darker side of that sword these days since my sense of stability has been shaken.

I am 62 years old today. I can’t really complain…  No one wants to hear complaints anyway and I have no more grungy photographs at my disposal to show and say, “I feel like that.”

I know that “the 60s are the new 40s”, blah, blah, blah…. but all I can say is, “tick, tick, tick.”

Today’s experiment – next stage in tilted building picture

I made a little progress today in my painting:

Watercolor Sketch - Tilted House in London - Watercolor Second Pass

Tilted House in London – Watercolor, Second Pass
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

At least I didn’t waste my time painting every brick. I used pen and ink for the railings and bars. I glazed the fire escape and the bottom portion of the wall of the tilted building with lemon yellow, and re-washed the bottom wall of that building with a burnt umber/titanium white mixture; after underscoring the bricks with thin lines of ivory black, I washed the area with my umber/white mixture.  As I recall, I washed the building on the right with a combination of gamboge yellow (an orange-tinted yellow), burnt umber and titanium white. The yellow cast to the watercolor is due to taking its picture under incandescent light.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post something more cheerful tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Biographies

  1. Happy Birthday Jack 🙂 You have made such progress with Tilted House! I think the overall impression is cheerier and far less gloomy than the original image. That is partly the introduction of colour, I think; the lemons and greens brighten the day considerably. But perhaps it is also because yours is depopulated, making the scene a little lighter (those drab commuters!). Or maybe it’s just that incandescent light. Have a lovely day! Here’s to your ’63rd year to heaven’ (adapting a line from Dylan Thomas).


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