Misplaced Shadows

I began this study with Kandinsky’s work in mind. I wanted to create a visual relationship between crisp geometric shapes, circles and lines and some kind of formlessness. I didn’t get very far before I ran out of ideas. The organizing principle of this piece (or disorganizing principle) is the disconnection between line that could […]

Vintage Fig Tree

Today’s vintage watercolor is mostly a pen and ink sketch. I used to spend hours trying to draw the fig tree in the back yard. You can see that this one was drawn at the end of fall. (Yes, autumn does come to California.)  I remember being relieved that there weren’t many leaves to draw. […]

Anemic Blood Orange and Korean Melon

Blog history My blog started out (from January to November 2013) as a review of my experience as a sibling of an autistic individual. Michael is my older brother who is very low functioning, autistic and nonverbal. My mother, younger brother and I visited him in his geriatric group home at the beginning of November […]

Inspiration Happens

More about creativity and artistic process It was awkward drawing the underlying icons for the painting from the ‘My Niche‘ post. The paper had a rough finish, I was using a pen that had permanent ink and I was anxious about making a mistake. Consequently, the ‘cloud’ formation I drew only had four lobes. When […]