Abstract From a Face

In getting reacquainted with watercolors, I have purposely avoided referring to other artists. When I first started painting with watercolors, I spent months looking at the art of artists whose work I loved; more months accumulating supplies, brushes, paper and paints; and even more time making test strips for each tube of paint I acquired. […]

Museum Patrons at Lunch

I went to an art museum today. I haven’t been to an inspiring place like that for a very long time.  I saw works of Van Gogh (oh, the texture!), Jawlensky, Klee, Rubens, Rembrandt and many others. I loved some of the compositions on paper by Degas: colored paper with lighter lines of pastes, were […]

The Muses

Musical notation is written on paper that has rows of grouped parallel lines. Five lines in each group. A spot (which may or may not have a staff) on a line is a note whose duration depends upon whether it is hollow, its grouping with other spots and the number of flags on its staff. […]

Abstract with Screw

I painted over some geometric shapes I made, to complete today’s abstract. Some of the imagery was inspired by my memory of some of Kandinsky’s work; other shapes and marks comes from my observations during the day. Once again, I had no real plan for working, no goal, nor principles to adhere to. I have […]

Untitled – Geometric

The inspiration for today’s painting was ‘Six Species‘, a painting by Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master (and my hero), drawn to my attention by a tweet from @artistklee. I began by trying to replicate the halo effect from Klee’s composition. Instead, my shapes became the leading edge of a gradient that faded from dark to light. I did […]


I am between inspirations at the moment. I had a glancing encounter with some of Diebenkorn’s work.  I do not pretend to understand it at this point. All I can say is, I thumbed through a book of his paintings, then I painted this after a morning’s read on the back porch.