Mike-Related Watercolor: My Made-Up Brother (2015)

The photo below, as ordinary as it is, was an inspiration My brother Mike just turned 40 when I took this picture, almost 30 years ago. I always craved attention from him, which he never gave. I almost needed a magnifying glass to notice that his left eye was looking right at me. It was […]

Artist-Inspired Watercolors: Abstract – After Reading About Matisse (2017)

The subject matter for the watercolor below comes from my experience with my older brother Michael. He is nonverbal, low functioning and autistic. He used to hit himself when he became frustrated. I don’t recall the specific ideas behind the creation of this study, but it was somehow a combination of Matisse’s colors and my […]

Artist-Inspired Watercolors: From Little Tree… After Paul Klee (2016)

In reviewing some of the watercolors I painted years ago. I spent considerable time sorting and categorizing them. The first group in this series of re-posts includes paintings inspired by my favorite artists. Bauhaus Master Paul Klee is one of my favorite visual artists whose painting ‘Little Tree Amid the Shrubbery’ prompted me to paint […]

Abstract From a Face

In getting reacquainted with watercolors, I have purposely avoided referring to other artists. When I first started painting with watercolors, I spent months looking at the art of artists whose work I loved; more months accumulating supplies, brushes, paper and paints; and even more time making test strips for each tube of paint I acquired. […]

Museum Patrons at Lunch

I went to an art museum today. I haven’t been to an inspiring place like that for a very long time.  I saw works of Van Gogh (oh, the texture!), Jawlensky, Klee, Rubens, Rembrandt and many others. I loved some of the compositions on paper by Degas: colored paper with lighter lines of pastes, were […]

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