Feeling-Related Watercolor: Life-or-Death Communication (2016)

Communication is important. Mis-communication is common, but when its consequences can be deadly, and you perceive you are not being properly understood, agitation, frustration and anger are the result.

Photography Assignment Revisited

My search to understand my older brother, Michael, who is autistic, very low functioning, and nonverbal has led me in many different directions. I have read about epistemology, the study of what is knowable; theories of consciousness; anatomy of the brain; principles of neuropsychiatry to get some idea of what could be going on in […]

Sib Rant

No trouble from me I never wanted to be any trouble. That holdover from my childhood is with me today. The presence of my older brother was confounding enough for my parents. Mike was low-functioning, autistic and non-verbal. It must have been a great shock for them. Even as a child I didn’t want to […]

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