Social Distancing Series: Secondary Effect?

This sign surprised me. Ever since B.F. Skinner, we have been instructed to press buttons to get a desired outcome. All of a sudden, we shouldn’t press a button?  I’m thinking this is a COVID thing…  First, many of the population do not wear gloves, so button surfaces could be COVID-carrying menaces. Second, if not […]

Blue Dress, Red Tables

I’m new to this city in all respects. I don’t want to attract attention.  When I made photos in NYC, I primarily used my camera. I knew I was a photographer and so did the people who noticed me.  I don’t feel like a photographer when I take pictures with my phone. I one sense […]

First Portrait of Mike in My Brother Michael, a book by Jack Davis

Mike would get frustrated. He would always take it out on himself.  He has never spoken, so we had to guess what the problem was.

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