Birthday Diminishment

I’m having a milestone birthday today. It’s not like it used to be. Nobody knows what I was like when I was a kid any more. They’re all gone. I won’t have to listen to Dad’s yearly reminiscence that I made him miss breakfast the day I was born; I won’t get a call from […]

When I’m Sixty-Four

My brother called me up today on the videophone. I was amazed at that technology when I first saw it back in 1964 at the World’s Fair in Flushing, NY.  Fantastic things were to come. I answered the phone and my brother didn’t speak at first. I just saw him at the piano playing an old […]


I think Mom would have liked this one, although it is a far cry from the painting I gave her just a year ago for her 90th birthday. She would have been 91 today, if she hadn’t died. See today’s other post (Mom’s Birthday) for Dave’s (my younger brother) piano rendition of Happy Birthday. Mom […]

It’s Mike’s Birthday!

Every year that my parents were well, we would arrange to meet at Mike‘s group home for a birthday party. It was fun and the other residents really enjoyed it, as did we all. The photos below are from his birthday in 1992. Mom and Dad were still around and vigorous. You’ll find my post […]

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays are bittersweet. I love watching children who express utter delight at the attention and excitement on their own birthdays. I observed this with my grandson at his second birthday a few months ago. We dimmed the lights to show off the cake and its bright candles. William was focused on the cake and the […]


It has always been interesting to read about the lives of others. The biography genre offers so many possibilities. One can read about successes and failures and, in many cases can identify with famous thinkers and writers. Identifying with other people can be comforting in many cases. Somehow, being odd or out of place isn’t […]

One More Thing

Since I am traveling once again, I prepared this post earlier.  Here is probably the last family portrait: November 11 was significant this year. It was Mike’s birthday and, according to the lunar calendar, it is the Jahrzeit, or anniversary of my father’s death. He is the only one missing from the portrait.

A Birthday Tribute

Happy Birthday Mom. You are the best! You were strong when we were growing up. Even in the era of the ‘refrigerator mother’, you said, “I never felt guilty about Michael and you shouldn’t either.”  Other parents had children like Michael and you worked with them to start a support network – quite something in […]