This composition started with a very quick sketch of a screen image of a movie I was watching. I used no more than 3 or 4 lines of my sketch as a guide to apply my paints. I also used a different range of colors than the dark earth tones, blues and reds of some […]

Imaginary Burl

I posted several sketches from a photograph of a very interesting tree I encountered during one of my walks (Texture Study, Bark and Texture, Burl Texture). Below is my rendition of a completely imaginary tree bark complete with burl. I’m thinking of enhancing this with some light watercolor washes.

Bark and Texture

A few days ago I did a pen and ink texture study of a very interesting tree I came upon, on one of my walks (see Photo for Texture Study Post).  I could not enlarge that photo to capture more fine texture. The photograph below, another picture taken closer to the tree bark, will be […]

Kites and Flags

I began coloring in the sections of my free form design for today’s study.  Some of the small Venn-diagram-ish overlaps looked like flags. I abandoned the idea of coloring-in larger areas of my amorphous design in favor of using their edges as lines.  I admire Joan Miró’s work, which uses such small shapes and lines […]

Texture Study

This was much more difficult than I imagined. The rough and varied structure of the tree was hard to convert to lines and dots. Usually textures extend over an area where at least three parallel lines can convey a tone of grey. These three lines, if wiggled, can give the impression of a rough or […]

Manley Pointer

I haven’t read much Flannery O’Conner lately. However, one of the central images that can be teased out of the abstract painting below is a masculine finger emerging from a set of knuckles. Manley Pointer, as in ‘finger pointer’ (not a character) came to my mind. I have been painting and sketching hands lately (Portrait […]

Hands with Sketched Face

Mike* has very expressive hands. I have posted sketches of them before (Resting Hands Revisited, Playing Hands, About to Hold Hands, Hands Full). Years ago another resident of his group home hurt him. It is hard to blame the other guy. Mike can be very annoying. He used to steal food from the plates of […]