Feeling Sick

Before I began this sketch, I thought of the round-headed characters that are so prevalent in the work of Paul Klee (i.e., Error on the Green, Senecio, Pierrot Lunaire). I drew the head with fine lines of a watery liquid frisket; I created a circular patch with a thicker frisket, that I envisioned to be […]


Below is the first stage of an abstract design I had in mind. I wanted to try a line sketch that was spread out instead of being spring loaded with curves, coils or other involutions. I did the line drawing with latex resist (frisket). I’m still thinking about what to do next on this one…


This composition started with a very quick sketch of a screen image of a movie I was watching. I used no more than 3 or 4 lines of my sketch as a guide to apply my paints. I also used a different range of colors than the dark earth tones, blues and reds of some […]

Imaginary Burl

I posted several sketches from a photograph of a very interesting tree I encountered during one of my walks (Texture Study, Bark and Texture, Burl Texture). Below is my rendition of a completely imaginary tree bark complete with burl. I’m thinking of enhancing this with some light watercolor washes.

Bark and Texture

A few days ago I did a pen and ink texture study of a very interesting tree I came upon, on one of my walks (see Photo for Texture Study Post).  I could not enlarge that photo to capture more fine texture. The photograph below, another picture taken closer to the tree bark, will be […]

Kites and Flags

I began coloring in the sections of my free form design for today’s study.  Some of the small Venn-diagram-ish overlaps looked like flags. I abandoned the idea of coloring-in larger areas of my amorphous design in favor of using their edges as lines.  I admire Joan Miró’s work, which uses such small shapes and lines […]