Abstract After Klee

Paul Klee tweeted ‘Heroic Roses‘ the other day. I liked the thick, black, maze-like traces that wind into a rose form. I created the abstract below, not with the idea of recreating a rose, but rather for the black traces. I wanted to make my own maze. While I didn’t accomplish ‘maze’ status, I did […]

Jazz Club

I continue converting my vinyl records to digital form. Today I listened to several as I let my dip pen wander over the paper. I penned the composition below while listening to jazz. I began by inking my recollection of the tracings my records made on the computer screen as their analog character changed to digital. The closely-packed […]

Search Horse

I am enthralled with the black lines that Paul Klee uses in many of his compositions. I understand that he used them in his later work to guide the viewers’ eyes around the the artwork. Ensconced in these maze-like traces are iconic figures. I tried emulating this style is some of my previous experiments (Study […]

My Vision

This post is not an artist’s statement of how I see my art in relation to my inner vision, etc., etc.. This is about my eyes, my left eye, to be precise. I was reading outside on the porch today. It was very bright. After I came in, the house was very dark, as expected. […]

Leaf Fantasy

This is another composition in which I introduced a streak of quinacridone burnt orange into a field of ultramarine blue. I really love the rust/green/yellow hue that results. My first, steady stroke into the wet ultramarine diffused away from the center to create a narrow, wedge-shaped leaf, or root-like image. (I proceeded to paint another […]

Blue Swan

I used a stiff brush to paint the initial blue curve. I have much more control with brush bristles that do not yield. I also like the dry-brush effect. The curve beginning with the dry brush ended with a gradient from dark blue to light. The darkest blue is at the edge of a teardrop-shaped […]

Bird Watching Bird

Below is another sketch, whose inspiration came from the pictures on the inside of my eyelids, the other day. (I don’t consider them dream images, since they were in front of me. When I dream, I am immersed in the vision.) I’ve always aspired to create a simple line drawing like those that seemed to flow […]