Man with Cool Hat Waiting for Eye Doctor

When there are interesting looking characters around, I draw as many of them as I can. My latest style of blind drawing allows me to draw quickly. I have been thinking of applying these ‘visual notes’ to a more deliberate mode of rendering. Perhaps this is a way back to painting. As with most of […]

In Line (Drawn Totally Blind)

I was looking directly at the customers in line as I drew them. But the line was moving so fast that I ended up completing one figure with the body parts of another. That is, when a person moved up in line to the cashier and another took his place, I finished the first figure […]

Blind Drawing of Two Ladies at Coffee

The unembellished blind-drawn outline of a figure is much like that of a line that describes the contours of forested landscape. The outlines of the figures below were drawn without looking. I added interior details after the outlines were completed. Blind Drawing of Two Ladies at Coffee Pen and Ink Sketch 10″x8″ 111# Moleskin Journal

Mostly-Blind Drawing of Man at Next Table

I was more successful drawing this piece blind (mostly). I followed the contour of the crease of the shirt on the man’s shoulder. I continued the shoulder line after placing the pen at the appropriate place, with the help of my vision. The fold of the binding separates the halves of the sketch and does […]