Mike Sketch Project: The Beginning, Mike’s 40th Birthday 1989

Today I changed my focus from self portraiture to revisiting images of my older brother Mike. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. I started this website in 2013 with Mike as my primary focus. I tried to consolidate, summarize and expand my thoughts and attempts to understand Mike. I shared some of the dynamics […]

Quarantine Portrait Series: Self Portrait – Neutral

Yesterday I mentioned the work of John Coplans. He did a series of photos (that I admired) showing his aging body. I thought that I would explore a similar project through my series of self portraits. However, there are some differences that may make this impossible. First, photography, although not strictly objective, is more objective […]

Quarantine Portrait Series: Sketcherly Self Portrait

The other day,  I treated myself to a book about Cézanne, one of my favorite artists. I was inspired by his spare sketches, to concentrate on broad pencil strokes rather than replicating details.  The study below is not Cézanne-esque, but is, perhaps the start of a new direction for my self portrait sketches.