Final – Pen and Ink Practice

I worked on the pen and ink study from the other day (Pen and Ink Practice). I added more color to the original blue monotone. I added some yellows and greens to the central form, and a red accent on one of the wormy shapes. The surrounding shapes took on more subdued colors. Finally, I […]

Portrait – Sneeze

I began today with an application of liquid frisket. I’ve been working to perfect the fine traces. I usually draw curves with my small-aperture frisket applicator. Then I jar the watercolor block horizontally in different directions to displace the masking fluid. (In the post Double Exposure, some of the jarring motions created the appearance of […]

Double Exposure

I painted today’s watercolor in two stages. First I applied my masking frisket. This fluid is thin and I was able to drip it on the paper through a narrow tube. After some drips, curves and squiggles, I let it dry. I painted yellow first, then red and Prussian blue inside some of the circular […]

Pen and Ink Practice

I drew a free form design today, with one shape eclipsing the others. I inked in a maze-line design in this forward most form. Within the divisions of the other forms I used different pen strokes. Each type of stroke produced a different effect. Some surfaces became concave, some convex. The surfaces that remained flat […]

Abstract After Klee

Paul Klee tweeted ‘Heroic Roses‘ the other day. I liked the thick, black, maze-like traces that wind into a rose form. I created the abstract below, not with the idea of recreating a rose, but rather for the black traces. I wanted to make my own maze. While I didn’t accomplish ‘maze’ status, I did […]

Jazz Club

I continue converting my vinyl records to digital form. Today I listened to several as I let my dip pen wander over the paper. I penned the composition below while listening to jazz. I began by inking my recollection of the tracings my records made on the computer screen as their analog character changed to digital. The closely-packed […]

Search Horse

I am enthralled with the black lines that Paul Klee uses in many of his compositions. I understand that he used them in his later work to guide the viewers’ eyes around the the artwork. Ensconced in these maze-like traces are iconic figures. I tried emulating this style is some of my previous experiments (Study […]

My Vision

This post is not an artist’s statement of how I see my art in relation to my inner vision, etc., etc.. This is about my eyes, my left eye, to be precise. I was reading outside on the porch today. It was very bright. After I came in, the house was very dark, as expected. […]