Abstract 91014

Note to reader: I write my blog entries and paint my watercolor studies the day before I schedule them for posting. I worked on the watercolor below without conscious knowledge that I would post it on the 13th anniversary of the  horror of 9/11/2001.  I was living in NYC on that day and saw the […]

Inspiration Happens

More about creativity and artistic process It was awkward drawing the underlying icons for the painting from the ‘My Niche‘ post. The paper had a rough finish, I was using a pen that had permanent ink and I was anxious about making a mistake. Consequently, the ‘cloud’ formation I drew only had four lobes. When […]


In contrast to yesterday’s experiment, I thought a lot about today’s watercolor. Before I continue, I must apologize. When I wrote, The Last Rubber Image, I thought I was done with latex masking fluid. However, I couldn’t resist another whack at it. After all, it was fun dripping and spreading it around. First step So […]