Another emphasis on eyes, beginning with three initial curves. The first lines in this painting are in red. The triangular black area, speckled with white seems to be gazing in at the original eye, bounded by the curved black areas at the right hand side of the picture.

Abstract 021220

This piece is characterized my high visual frequency (i,e,. wavy) lines. They remind me of wood screws driving through space. I began with short blue and yellow squiggles. Later in the process, the red lines began to dominate. Hansa yellow, a very orangey yellow really worked will with the reds on.  A more lemony yellow […]

Color Threads

I’m beginning to realize that I have a modus operandi in my approach to painting abstract watercolors. I start with a jumble of brush strokes.  I then see what the mess suggests. If nothing visual strikes my eye, I look at it intellectually. For example, I could use my mind’s eye to imagine complimentary colors […]


I originally put down the long yellow strokes.I worked with pastel colors at first: turquoise, light carmine red and cadmium yellow. I noticed a subtle spiral. I put in darker red drips, some Hooker green and darker blue-green splatters, adding a layer of complexity. I used pen and ink to outline selected yellow shapes. To […]

Bleeding Edge

I began with quick  light blue streaks on the paper. More thoughtful, deliberate yellow strokes were next, suggesting an origin for the original blue strokes. I wasn’t sure where this was going, when a spot of cadmium red light dripped onto the paper. I liked its placement, an element that set up a balance point. […]