Portrait – Abstract

I liked the form of yesterday’s portrait. But in a sense it was ambiguous. The upper part of the face told the story. In today’s study, the lower part of the face adds another clue about the emotion in this abstract portrait.

Emotion in Art

Emotional reception There are many works of art that evoke emotion in me. Oddly enough for me as a visual artist, the medium that tugs at my emotions the most is music. Of the factors responsible for this, the strongest seems to be memory. I cannot discount associations from my childhood, which was filled with music; the […]

Back East

I grew up on the east coast. This morning, on the beautiful west coast, with its ever-sunny days, I began to think of the days back east. Mainly I thought of the time between colorful autumn and winter, when all the leaves are gone. That’s me, not a glass-half-empty kind of guy, but rather a what-glass? […]