Images Added to Dream Background

I created a dream image background a few days ago (Dream Image Background 10-3-17). I was hoping that, in the interim, I would remember more examples of pictures to represent on my background. Chicago: The matrix of colored patches represents Chicago. I don’t know why Chicago should have appeared in my dream. The last time […]

Dream Image 5-22-17

I had a nice dream last night, for a change of pace.  There were hundreds of purple bits arrayed in random, peeling off the floor. To my delight, I was able to control them and align them in the direction I wanted them to go.  

Disturbed Sleep

When I was a kid someone told me, or I heard somewhere, that dreams arise from the subconscious.  So, I thought that if I thought about scary things I didn’t want to dream about, it would be in my consciousness and therefore I wouldn’t dream about them. Well now I know the origin of that […]

Dream Images

I started reading Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams recently. I have a particular interest in dreams as I often have vivid ones. For a time I would wake myself up after dreaming and write down as much as I could remember. I would try to understand where they came from. I don’t do that any more, […]


I used a lot of the same colors today that I have been using lately (see Volcano?, When Robots Attack, Orientation). I used a sloppy wet brush to apply purple, cadmium red deep, Prussian and phthalo blues and mauve. I applied the colors in adjacent pools and left them alone to merge.  I was struck by the results and did not […]

Dream Portrait: In Fear

I had an odd dream sequence last night. It really wasn’t a sequence, though. The same theme played over and over in different guise each and every time I struggled to consciousness and slipped back under. I was disoriented in my dream state, but I knew if I pried my eyes open I would be able to tell where I was. […]

Dream Images, Edited

I dream in vivid images. They are very detailed when I am dreaming them, less so after I awake. Last night’s dream was a situation. I had died, which was a bit uncomfortable, but alive in another body, still my own. I felt very alive, but aware that one day I would have to go […]

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