Images Added to Dream Background

I created a dream image background a few days ago (Dream Image Background 10-3-17). I was hoping that, in the interim, I would remember more examples of pictures to represent on my background. Chicago: The matrix of colored patches represents Chicago. I don’t know why Chicago should have appeared in my dream. The last time […]

Dream Background 10-3-17

I frequently have vivid dreams. Most of the images in my dreams are characters in a story that my mind makes up. Most of the stories are variations on a theme. Some of them are very inventive. One of my dreams even had credits at the end, just like a movie; they scrolled to fast […]

Dream Image 5-22-17

I had a nice dream last night, for a change of pace.  There were hundreds of purple bits arrayed in random, peeling off the floor. To my delight, I was able to control them and align them in the direction I wanted them to go.  

Bird Watching Bird

Below is another sketch, whose inspiration came from the pictures on the inside of my eyelids, the other day. (I don’t consider them dream images, since they were in front of me. When I dream, I am immersed in the vision.) I’ve always aspired to create a simple line drawing like those that seemed to flow […]

Bird Watching

Inspiration for today’s study came from some bird watching on the back porch this morning. I did a bit of reading and became very sleepy.  I lay down for a brief snooze, but in a pre-unconscious state (I assume), I saw line drawings on my closed eyelids. I was excited, because they looked like Paul […]

Another Dream Image

Yesterday’s dream image was one of many images I had during my sleep the other day. Today’s study is a rendition of another image in that series. Here is the story behind it: Background: I attended a well known and respected university, some 30+ years ago. The campus was known for its elm trees until, […]

Dream Images

I started reading Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams recently. I have a particular interest in dreams as I often have vivid ones. For a time I would wake myself up after dreaming and write down as much as I could remember. I would try to understand where they came from. I don’t do that any more, […]

Dream Portrait: In Fear

I had an odd dream sequence last night. It really wasn’t a sequence, though. The same theme played over and over in different guise each and every time I struggled to consciousness and slipped back under. I was disoriented in my dream state, but I knew if I pried my eyes open I would be able to tell where I was. […]


This morning I woke up with the theme to Marnie, one of Alfred Hitchcock’s films. Of all Bernard Hermann‘s music to rouse me to wakefulness, I am thankful it wasn’t the shower theme from Psycho (another Hitchcock film).  Somewhere floating in my semi-conscious state was a vague awareness of a phrase from Apocalypse Now, a film adapted in part, from […]

Last Night’s Dream

It was a good one. I was in the apartment of an old bearded man who was teaching me something of great value. I don’t remember what it was. As I left, walking down a narrow stairway, I realized I had forgotten to ask him something. When I turned around, he had already shut the […]