It is so very sad that Robin Williams found no way to alleviate his suffering.  I’ve read many of the tweets from people who treasured his genius and whose lives had been touched by his wonderful gift.  There are a smattering of tweets who call attention to the serious problem of depression and suicide, but […]

Seriously Absurd – A Very Brief Note

Speaking of absurd, it was a little grandiose of me to think that, on Thanksgiving Day, with all the rigamarole that accompanies it, I could compose even a partial discourse about the absurd. Seriously… So here are some short notes: At the beginning of The Myth of Sisyphus, Camus says, “All great deeds and all […]


Over the past few days and weeks, end-of-life issues have surrounded me. A wonderful blogger friend of mine is having problems; on my wife’s side of the family, several of her relatives are gravely ill and not expected to live very long; a former colleague of mine took his own life just a few days […]

You Don’t Have Anything Better To Do.

I wonder how many times autistic siblings have heard this phrase. Was it just me? I have to admit that when I was growing up, I didn’t hear those words.  My Mom wanted me to go out and play with the other kids. I’m sure Dad wanted the same things, but he also reinforced the […]

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