Sketch Book Series: Back Yard (May 2010)

I was a bit more successful portraying depth in the sketch below, as compared to the one posted yesterday. I intended to silhouette the railing upon which the planters sat and I made the background lighter. These factors let one imagine distance between the planter railing and the back fence.

Sketch Book Series: Shading Study (August 2010)

I took my glasses off to do this sketch. I was hoping that I would get a better sense of dark and light areas by obliterating details (as does my sight without glasses). I had some problems though, getting the whole composition to coalesce.

Sketch Book Series: W.C. Pencil Sketch Back Yard 2009

I think this was the first time I used watercolor pencils. I didn’t mix colors nor, does it seem, did I even add water! Watercolor pencils have their own personality and need to be explored on a different basis than watercolor paints.