Meditation Series: (8/8) Behind the Chirping Chicken, NYC (1991)

I played with colors in this final variation on the space behind the Chirping Chicken luncheon place. The yellow in this sketch represents the shadows and its compliment, purple, the lighted areas. I had no real plan for the other colors, except I wanted the brick color to be the compliment of its natural red. […]


I added an bit extra to my initial doodle.  I forgot which end of the ‘S’ figure I started on, but I was conscious of repeating those movements I usually make when I begin and abstract composition: A wiggle of my hand (thumb and forefinger) as I move my arm. Slower motions give me an ‘S’ […]

Crowd Sourced Art Continues

Thank you all for your ideas about how to proceed. Otto and Pam liked rotation ‘A’, Kerfe and/or Nina (memadtwo) liked rotation ‘D’ and perhaps a more intense purple. Estela and others liked the colors as they were. Today’s experiment: Instead of proceeding with the original watercolor in real life, I loaded my Crowd Source composition […]

Back to Basics

It is almost fruit season out here in California. By that I mean painting fruit in watercolors. My wife got me a book about how to paint vibrant watercolor and I am starting from the beginning. Well, almost the beginning. The first chapter was about how to paint an apple. One of the interesting steps […]

Mindless Abstract

I have been nostalgic and laden with heavy thoughts lately, attending my mother’s 90th birthday party on February 9th and being at her side when she died on February 20. I included many of the details in my posts during that period and will not revisit them here.  I want to engage in some mindless […]

Imaginary Forest

Today’s watercolor experiment: I tried to apply what I learned in yesterday’s Purple Woods for another take at depicting a number of trees receding from the foreground. Like yesterday, I only used two colors (except for the fox): permanent mauve and aureolin yellow. The principle to which I tried to adhere  in today’s composition is the […]

Purple Woods

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday’s preliminary experiment in purple was a first step in my investigation of purple-yellow interactions. I was hoping for a result analogous to the orange-blue exercise shown in the latter part of the post, yesterday. In this expansion of my sketch shown in my post, From a Magazine, the goldfish were separated from […]

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