Dot Crazy

Watercolor/ink experiment:

I painted the conglomeration of dots you see below, a couple of days ago, in the midst of my ink dot exploration craze – I mean, phase.

In this composition I washed the paper with Prussian blue and cadmium yellow pale before dotting. I used a combination of drawing and calligraphy inks on the wet paper.  The drawing inks are the ones that reticulate, or spread out in a fractal-like pattern. The calligraphy inks spread out more smoothly.

Unlike my more methodical study of ink dots (see Dot Matrix), this composition was a haphazard application of inks. I overlaid some of the drawing ink on the dry calligraphy ink and found that the underlying ink was somewhat waterproof. A bright spot of red poked through the blue ink I laid on top of it. Instead of leaving the single spot as it was, I used my straight razor to scrape the blue ink away and reveal more of the red beneath, after the paper was completely dry. I used the same technique to scrape away some of the pigment from the red spot at the bottom left of the frame.

Watercolor and Ink: Abstract Watercolor and Ink

Dot Crazy
9″x12″ 140# Rough Watercolor Block


The dark ink blots stand out and appear to be in the foreground. Puffs of black smoke (anti aircraft fire), perhaps? The amalgamation of red, appearing as background, could be a late afternoon sky.

I realized that in my previous ink experiments I was a bit timid (Amorphia, Reticulations, Dot Matrix). I was not aware that I was fearful about how I applied my ink blots, but I probably was. I may have tipped the scale in the opposite direction with the composition above. I was less careful of placement of ink blobs. I was not as concerned with aesthetics in this study.

I will probably give ink blots a rest for now.

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