Disks and Lines

I painted the background of today’s watercolor first (sans disks), without and idea of how the composition would develop. Since I am working with inked lines lately, I noted several color boundaries that cried out for defining lines. I began with the border of the yellow and worked outward. Some of the lines echoed the […]

Abstract with Thick and Thin Lines

In today’s experiment, I used a combination of line-making techniques. I began with latex resist (frisket), that kept the pigments away from the paper, allowing the formation of white lines. After applying the first set of colors, primarily Prussian blue and quinacridone burnt orange, I removed the mask and added a second one. Depending on […]

City Skeleton

I like working with the thin applications of masking frisket. The curved trajectory of the traces form regular beads of fluid, which become the source of intersections, when I jostle the paper from side to side. After my frisket network dried, I dripped ink into its midst. I used sepia and blue inks. They mixed […]

Sea Scape Inspired by Paul Klee

I began this composition with a series of parallel lines that I drew free-handed. I was thinking of Paul Klee’s compositions that consist of adjacent strips of color. Some of his compositions are made up of seemingly random squares of colors, arrayed in parallel configurations. I used the parallel lines as a skeleton on which […]

Blue Ink Abstract

There is something to be said about the size of a brush (or pen nib) in relation to the size of the paper on which it is used. There is a limited amount of space within which to maneuver with a large pen tip or wide brush.  This is the reason that wide brushes work […]

Abstract 060317: Ink and Watercolor

I had no preconceptions before I started drawing lines for this composition. The first line was the curve that is now adjacent to the yellow-orange color. The next was a wide check-mark-like line that defined the space above the first curve. I like my broad-tipped dip pen. It is a bit old, so sometimes when I […]

Abstract with Elaborate Splashes

I am beginning to like working with layers. It is a bit of a cop out in terms of design, since one never knows with certainty what the next tier will add or subtract from another.  Certainly working with a computer photo editor allows the artist to create layers that can be superimposed without affecting the […]

Abstract – Layers

I applied transparent glazes over my original wash of color. I don’t remember my original underpainting and the layering is now so dense that I can’t properly make it out. I used some masking fluid to preserve some of the penultimate layer. Then my trusty dip pen did its duty in tracing some of the edges of […]


This study is related to yesterday’s Arabesque. Instead of amorphous swirls today, I used my dip pen to draw in the curly figures. I do like the definition of the lines in combination with the gradual variation of the colors in the background.

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