At the bottom of the small orange fruit, where there is a slight dimple in the orb, I press it in until the skin ruptures. From there, I peel the skin away. One curious feature of the tangerine is just beneath the protrusion on the pole opposite the dimple. Once the peeling reaches that geometry, […]

It’s Personal

I don’t know why, but the sign below struck me as funny. I’ve always thought of watermelons as very sociable fruit. They are present at picnics and are constituent parts of fruit salads, ubiquitous at family gatherings. It would be unsettling for someone to sneak off to a remote area of the picnic grounds to munch […]

Loquat Arrangement Abstract

Ideas of the loquat and the loquat leaf are still in my head. Today I used my compass and ruler to construct the loquat leaf. In my other drawings of these leaves, I left out their scallopedness. Although my watercolor today is an abstract of two loquats and a leaf, it is more representational of the leaf than […]


The loquat tree in the back yard is just drooping with fruit. As soon as they are ripe, the squirrels will descend like locusts and the loquats will be gone. I worry about the branches, which are already strained with weight. Adding the weight of a couple of squirrels could be disastrous. The timing will be tricky […]

Group 18: Old Experiments Not Yet Cataloged for Sale

Below is the eighteenth  group of watercolors that I painted for earlier posts in this blog. The paintings below depict the life cycle of a dragonfruit, a subset of my ‘fruit period’. Originally posted on March 20, 2014 (Single Dragonfruit): Originally posted on March 23, 2014 (Dragonfruit Unchained): Originally posted on March 25, 2014 (Dragonfruitus Resumptus): Originally posted […]

Group 17: Old Experiments Not Yet Cataloged for Sale

Below is the seventeenth  group of watercolors that I painted for earlier posts in this blog. The paintings below are still lifes (still lives?). I painted these in my ‘fruit period’. Originally posted on March 22, 2014 (Not Done with Symmetry Yet):   Originally posted on March 27, 2014 (Moving On): Originally posted on April 2, 2014 (Kiwi […]

When in Doubt

I swore I wouldn’t paint another bunch of bananas for quite a while (Hasty Banana). However, since I am on a road trip with my wife, Joy, to visit the kids and grandkids in Burbank, I am limited in my subject matter. But, everyone has bananas. When in doubt, resort to the familiar. I left […]

More Bananas

Practice makes perfect, so the saying goes. But practice must also have a goal. Today’s watercolor experiment: I liked yesterday’s bunch of bananas except that the sketch was a bit confusing, if examined closely. The ‘wild’ banana’s left end didn’t match up that nicely with the stem. So today’s goal was to draw less ambiguously. […]

Two Apples and a Lemon

I am getting a bit ‘appled’ and ‘lemoned’ out here: tired of drawing this kind of fruit without much improvement. Today’s watercolor experiment: Up to now, I’ve been using dilutions of watercolors to give me the different strengths of colors: undiluted for the darkest of color and very diluted for the lighter colors. For the […]