Abstract Construction – Dragon Head

I began with a couple of brush strokes that formed a figure eight. I did not know what to do next except that the openings in the figure reminded me of eye-holes in a mask. I populated the holes with cadmium red and lemon yellow. The result reminded me of a dragon face.  I thought […]

East Village Dragon

During this photographic outing I must have been in NYC’s East Village, since my notes tell me I was on 10th or 11th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. Aside from my love of dragons, the purpose in this pen and ink exercise was to clarify the out-of-focus figure into a more recognizable form. As I began scratching […]

Dot Dragon

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’ve been a little frustrated with dots lately (Reticulations, Dot Matrix). I do admit, it is fun watching them disperse and make tiny little patterns (the drawing inks, that is). The calligraphy inks are a different story. They just spread out without a pattern at all. It is as if they want […]