Yellow on Black

This began as a tone study in blue. I used several different blue tones. I gradually mixed in black to get the darker tones. However I used Peach Black (Holbein) and, looking at the study from a distance, the matt finish appeared as a black stain. I tried mixing in more blue but ultimately I […]

Green Door Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: One of my goals in this graffiti series is to make two-dozen paintings in portrait format and another two dozen in landscape format. In my days photographing graffiti in New York City, where I lived for more than two decades, I used the horizontal (landscape) format much more often than portrait. I have already […]

Dot Dragon

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’ve been a little frustrated with dots lately (Reticulations, Dot Matrix). I do admit, it is fun watching them disperse and make tiny little patterns (the drawing inks, that is). The calligraphy inks are a different story. They just spread out without a pattern at all. It is as if they want […]

Creative Process

Today’s experiment: I had an idea in mind as I started today’s watercolor: Yin and Yang. My plan was to wet the entire paper, lay in a blue wash shaped like a comma (similar to the orange shapes of yesterday’s study) and somehow add an orange comma adjacent to  the blue one. Since orange and blue […]

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