Study Group with Girl in Sock Hat and Braids

This is a motley group of students (according to my blind-drawn rendering). The two young women are the most realistic, while the outline of their male does not resemble its subject in any way. There is a sense of ambiguity about this grouping of figures.

Child with Sisters and Mother

Circumstances presented another chance for me to sketch a child with family (see Woman and Child).  This drawing is a little more readable than the last one, giving the viewer a much easier time to apprehend the contents. The fact that the figure on the right is incomplete stems from the fact that my break […]


I don’t remember exactly what my thoughts were when I started this composition. Tears were a part of it. I’m sure of that, but I don’t know why exactly. After the initial design, I concentrated on balancing the colors with their complement, without imbuing any further meaning to the work.  


The mass of color in this composition is concentrated at dead center. It is surrounded by elaborated parentheses that separate the blues from the outer reds. Surrounding the dark outlines is a virtually concentric lighter outline. The dark line protruding from the bottom of the central figure is also a balance point. Normally, I like […]

The Muses

Musical notation is written on paper that has rows of grouped parallel lines. Five lines in each group. A spot (which may or may not have a staff) on a line is a note whose duration depends upon whether it is hollow, its grouping with other spots and the number of flags on its staff. […]

Parking Lot Photography

The grey, backwards ‘7’, in this segment of parking lot lines appears to be a correction, a connection between the discontinuous white lines. Irrespective of the line colors, I like the design: the wide lines as well as the space between. The red curve and dark grey shadows from the trees above add interest to […]

Hotel Lighting

I saw this lamp from across the room. The light and the shadow it cast caused me to snap the shutter for today’s photograph. I adjusted the focal length of the camera to re-frame the light source amidst the intervening structures. Thus, this photo is not just about the light, but about the rectangular areas […]

Ink Lines and Angles

I had fun at the drafting table today, drawing lines with my dip pen. It is tricky drawing with a nib dipped in ink. But I have a special straight edge, in the form of a triangle that has edges curved underneath so the ink does not infiltrate between the triangle and the paper.  However, the […]