Man with Eye Shade and Wild Hair

We frequently have return visitors to the cafe. I have encountered this man before. He loves to read. I was about to draw his shirt when another customer placed her knapsack directly in my way. This visual element certainly changed the overall design of this sketch.


I don’t remember exactly what my thoughts were when I started this composition. Tears were a part of it. I’m sure of that, but I don’t know why exactly. After the initial design, I concentrated on balancing the colors with their complement, without imbuing any further meaning to the work.  


Below is the first stage of an abstract design I had in mind. I wanted to try a line sketch that was spread out instead of being spring loaded with curves, coils or other involutions. I did the line drawing with latex resist (frisket). I’m still thinking about what to do next on this one…

Light Cover

I saw this metal plate on the sidewalk the other day. The oblong cut-out covered a light bulb. I didn’t look closely, but there must have been a reflector or a lens to focus or direct the light to its intended target. I must make a point to go back at night, when it is […]

Parking Lot Lines at Night

Light at night is not natural. Photographing incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor, neon and other kinds of lamps at night, leave a multitude of different colors on film. The subject of today’s photo is illuminated by artificial lights of the night. The night lighting reflected off the subject result in a flat, dull uniformly lit pattern. The […]


I spend a lot of time framing a photo in my viewfinder (or on my screen, as is the case when I shoot with my phone).  Sometimes it is difficult to know what to align parallel with the sides of the frame. Today’s photo contains a white line at an angle and a horizontal blue […]


The mass of color in this composition is concentrated at dead center. It is surrounded by elaborated parentheses that separate the blues from the outer reds. Surrounding the dark outlines is a virtually concentric lighter outline. The dark line protruding from the bottom of the central figure is also a balance point. Normally, I like […]


I could have called the study below ‘Number Two’ but in the early stages of development, the earth-tone-colored form reminded me of a fetus. As the design progressed, this form came to resemble the arabic numeral 2. I like the design and the colors independent of the visual interpretation.

Sewer Askew

Apparently, the people who have a penchant for order (i.e., centering things, arranging dollar bills to face the same way or, putting them in sequence of serial number (or Federal Reserve Bank from which they originated)), were not on duty when this sewer cap was installed. When I took the photo, I squared up the […]